The Fund at Hula is a Vermont-Based Venture Capital Firm

We invest in seed and early-stage technology startups. The Fund supports innovative founders and disruptive technology through mentorship, connectivity, and access to capital.

The Fund at Hula was born to support the Hula community. Over 3 years of active investing, The Fund has supported 20+ Vermont-based companies. With increased venture activity in the northeast, The Fund seeks to invest more broadly across Northern New England.

Investment Preferences


  • Seed
  • Series A
  • Early-Stage Venture

Industries of

We invest across tech sectors with a particular interest in…

  • Deeptech
  • Greentech
  • Medtech
  • AI/ML
  • Electric Propulsion
  • Saas
  • Battery Tech
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Venture Capital Investment Increase in Vermont

Investment in Vermont companies soared nearly 500 percent last year. About $600 million in capital flowed into the state, well above the 2020 figure of $106 million.* The Fund at Hula helped raise $368 million in 2021 for Beta Technologies, one of our Fund at Hula portfolio companies.
*Data from a 2021 report by Pitchbook

Portfolio Overview

Featured Portfolio Companies

BETA Technologies is creating an electric transportation ecosystem that’s safe, reliable and sustainable. A relentlessly focused team is building an extensive charging infrastructure and ALIA, the world’s most technologically advanced electric vertical aircraft (EVA).
Benchmark combines mission heritage, best-in-class propulsion products with advanced control systems and complementary products and services to deliver bundled in-space mobility solutions with significant cost, schedule, and capability benefits over traditional offerings and procurement methods.
CoreMap exists to improve patient outcomes by delivering advanced diagnostic technology to electrophysiologists and patients. Our technologies will allow for patient specific treatments, because when treating the 24M patients with permanent and persistent AF ‘one size does not fit all’.
Recent advances in artificial intelligence have enabled a new generation of companies and products that are poised to change healthcare forever. From drug discovery to early disease detection, AI is shaping a future where care is personalized, preemptive, and affordable.

Biocogniv enables a key part of this future by combining laboratory medicine, state-of-the-art AI, and evidence-based acute care, to reduce preventable hospital deaths, morbidities, and cost of care.
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