Hello Hula:
Kelsey McWilliams

a video by Sarah Kjelleren on June 09, 2023

I'm passionate about the potential of toilets to change our future

Kelsey McWilliams

Kelsey founded Point of Shift in 2020 to address a gap between technologists and consumers in the circular sanitation and alternative septic market. Circular sanitation refers to any system that collects, treats and converts human waste (our poop and our pee ;) ) into useable products such as compost, energy and water.

Point of Shift works with residential clients (homeowners, camps and ecovillages) to design, and implement beautiful circular santiation systems. Her career as an environmental engineer, sanitation project manager, and business technology consultant over the past seven years has included designing innovative Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) systems for agriculture and developing tools to help businesses asses the feasibilty of circular sanitation technologies.

Kelsey moved to Burlington in March 2022 and though initial resisted creemees, has falling in love with most things Vermont. Most notably swimming holes, paddling baording before work, creemees and hiking in that order. Kelsey also is a part of the estatic dance community, where she DJs and participates in free moving and dancing with other members of the community.