Future of Video Testimonial Management and Collection

The internet may feel like the wild west with trolls lurking around every corner, waiting for your company to fall victim to their wrath. When it comes to trust marketing, however, there is one company changing the game: Widewail. Widewail, based in Hula’s Building 44, builds trust between businesses and the local communities these companies serve via online customer engagement products and services.

Consumers look to their peers to provide the information they need to build trust in a company or an idea, this is otherwise known as distributed trust. Distributed trust shifts the power away from institutional influence and disperses it amongst many channels (networks, platforms, marketplaces, etc). It’s a whole new way of thinking about trust-building for companies, and is key to growing a business in the modern trust economy.

Accumulating previously satisfied customer voices can be tricky, but Widewail makes it easy for companies and employers. Through a new review generation and management platform, video testimonial collection, and social media management tools, Widewail delivers a seamless experience that cultivates happy customers and helps local businesses rank at the top of local search results.

Helping local companies thrive is part of Hula’s mission; that’s what makes Widewail such an integral part of our community. Each month, Hula invites one of the companies within our community to host a Meet @ Hula event. Widewail is hosting April’s Meet @ Hula and the team is excited to showcase the new product, Invite Video, to our community.

What is Widewail Invite Video?

Widewail Invite Video prompts customers to leave a video testimonial of their experience with a product/service after a sale that can be used on a marketer's social, home, and product pages, or anywhere video makes sense such as over the top media services. In marketing, the traditional way to collect video testimonials is to find customers that can offer their feedback and then hire a film crew two-three times a year to capture their experience. These highly produced testimonial video shoots are time-consuming and expensive. While they tend to be of great quality, this style is perceived as less authentic to customers because companies can tailor these reviews to show prospective customers what they want them to see. Invite Video takes the middle-man out by directly asking shoppers to evaluate their experience. Not only does Invite Video provide ample automated reviews from happy customers for marketers to utilize in their marketing plans, it also presents genuine reviews from real customers coming from all kinds of demographics including a wide range of ages, genders, geographic locations and more.

Video testimonial content is more persuasive than the typical text review and therefore a powerful tool for marketers. It can inspire customers to purchase a product/service when a real human is explaining their experience and they can envision themselves doing the same. Reputation management is useful in all industries, whether it’s in the automotive business or doctors looking to offer the best service for their patients. Video generation can help brick-and-mortar businesses get the content they need to support their marketing all from a cell phone––no film crew needed. Widewail is the only product that brings customer testimonials through SMS.

See Invite Video in Action at Hula

Join us in the Reef on Thursday, April 21st from 4:30-6:30 pm for drinks, games, and some good ol’ networking. Come get a hands-on demo of the video testimonial collection process by scanning a QR code, recording a quick video testimonial about your experience at Hula, and showing Ben the Bartender confirmation of your video submission to get your first drink free.